What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in gaining and sharing practical knowledge of User Experience Design.

We are all in the exciting "Digital" era (who knew we'd been Analogue all this time) as more & more mobile and other device types hit the market, and user interfaces continue to evolve to cater for user's increasing expectations and needs...

This group will allow us to get together to discuss what is happening now, as well as the future and where all this is heading.

We are all creative, passionate and possibly a tad non-compliant (pushing boundaries etc)... so, let's meet each other and solve the world's UX problems :)

NOTE there are also heaps of great UX groups and Related Software Development meet-ups available - here are some others you might be interested in joining:

* http://uxmelbourne.org/

* https://www.meetup.com/melbourne-hack-nights/

* https://www.meetup.com/scrum-12/

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Accessibility in the Virtual World, by Ronny Andrade

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