What we're about

Calling my Unicorn friends!!!
If you are interested by science, metaphysic, spirituality and healing, this is for you.
If you never felt exactly like everyone one else, didn't "fit" in the mold, this is for you.
If you are curious to learn, grow, experiment, play and have fun, this is for you.
If you are interested by epigenetic, prayer, energy, manifestation, this is for you.
What you won’t find in this group: negativity, criticism, drugs, heavy drinking, easy dating, meanness, judgment.

This group is designed to be a community for Love, Peace, Joy.
We will offer guided meditation, healing circles, hypnosis sessions, manifestation circles…
Play full in and be open minded. It will be more fun!!!

Anyone regardless of their gender, race, religion and creed is welcome.

Couple of safety agreement:
• Confidentiality and respect are demanded from everyone.
• If not, you will be immediately removed from the group.
• For safety reason, it is requested that you sign up with a picture you can be recognized from.
• Out of respect for everyone’s time (including mine), you will be removed from the group if you sign up and don’t show up

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Goodbye 2021 🤪. Hello 2022 🦄

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Letting go of attachments – The Stick Figures Technique

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COVID Vaccine Healing Circle

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