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We are a group of creators who desire to live our highest creative potential.

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Sacred Expression Night

1055 Harrison Ave


Join other creators for an artistic performance event that celebrates uninhibited self-expression and creative risk. We have three guidelines for the evening: 1. Share Any Art That Is Sacred To You Whatever makes you feel alive is sacred. You can perform "on stage" using any creative medium. This is the only event where you will experience guitar riffs, Broadway showtunes, raunchy standup, Shakespeare, sex stories and interpretive dance in the same evening. Any art means any art. 2. Celebrate Every Expression We are not judging performances. Every expression is beautiful and welcome. You do not need to be talented or well-practiced to perform. 3. Devotion or Improvisation Make a decision to either prepare a performance or improvise something on the spot. Both of these are useful practices on the path to personal freedom. If you do not want to perform, you are welcome to come and enjoy the show. This event is for change-makers and entrepreneurs who desire a space to explore the edges of their self-expression — and find open mics to be uninviting.

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Awakening Creative Power

2551 Wellesley Ave

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