What we're about

This meetup is for anyone over the age of 35 who is ready to take back their personal freedom. So many of us are living our lives with fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, being stuck in the past by those hurts, pretending for the world, caring too much about what others think, doing things out of obligation, mere convenience, or the expectations of others, etc... the list goes on! Can you identify with any of these? If you can, there is no doubt that you are living a life that has you feeling constricted, sometimes even trapped!

This is the group for you if you want to start seeing and living more of who you really are. Having personal freedom leads to so much more - clarity, authenticity, confidence, peace of mind, self-esteem and self-love, motivation, and taking bigger and bigger steps toward success and your true potential.

Lastly, this is the group for you if you are not only interested in signing up but more interested in SHOWING UP! In life, showing up is 70%. ARE YOU READY TO SHOW UP?

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