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Valley Improv meetup at Luthier's Co-op in Easthampton, MA!!
Luthier's co-op, a busy and popular venue in Easthampton, MA has been kind enough to host us and our boat of improv whackos every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 5-7 PM! All improvers are welcome as well as those who like to watch improv rather than participate, you just might find that you almost, sorta, definitely, REALLY want to try it yourself :) (in which case, step on up!) There are no specific dues for this group, however, Luthier's has a "tip bucket" and if you feel so generous as to throw in a dollar or two each month, if enough people do that it covers the cost of the Valley Improv group. Some of you might even be interested in leading an activity you have done with an improv group in the past and that is awesome! If you are interested in leading an activity or have a great improv game or idea you would like to try please feel free to private message me. This is a community group and as such we are all welcome to lead and follow, which is the true spirit of improv. We are on a specific timeline so I encourage those who are sure they want to participate to arrive as close to 5:00 PM as possible so that we can get settled, introduce ourselves, order a drink and be ready to start directly at 5:30. I will stick around for a while if you want to talk shop and ideas. I love ideas! Looking forward to meeting and improving with all of you!

Luthier's Co-Op

108 Cottage Street · Easthampton, MA

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Gathering together to enjoy various group theater improv activities that inspire spontaneity, creativity, playfulness, fun, laughter, silliness, self-surprising courageousness and intuitive discovery in a supportive, lighthearted environment of both beginners and lifetime improvers alike. All welcome to watch and to get up and try it out!

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