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Permaculture Vancouver meets every third thursday of the month:
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This month we will be looking at how Compassionate Communication meets Arcology, how architecture and ecology meet, and how we could alter our cities and landscapes to create a more human based environment, what feeling do we have about the current state of our global cities and what needs need to be met?

Where are we now? There is a common feeling of need for change.
Our language and thoughts set the course for our words and actions.
Arcosanti's Architect, the late Paolo Soleri was an artist at his core. His arcologies are beautiful, consciously designed, high density bits of urban fabric. He modelled his visions after Fank Lloyd Wright who believed in matching buildings with their surroundings. Paolo's Arcosanti had 870 acres of natural landscape around it. By integrating multi-use buildings, shared space, shared reality, vertical space, and especially considering Paolo's concepts of miniturization, complexification simplification and duration can we can integrate this ecology with architecture in our cities, in our minds.

$10-20 donation , no one turned away
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Childcare provided for $2 extra

right livelihood & collaboration continues... integrated this month...

Vancouver's transition network:

There are currently 3 monthly potlucks - East West and Central. The model is a potluck and workshop. We are encouraging you to visit a regular potluck and then when the momentum rises for other neighbourhoods, let them be formed!

The events page on Village is exceptional! Find events through Vancouver many times a week! Slowing it down to neighbour speed!

Permaculture Tricities is also now on meetup! Check them out of you are out that way!

Come meet with fellow Permaculture enthusiasts to share your skills, knowledge, and questions. This is a great opportunity to get involved with or start projects around the city!

If you have extra harvest produce/seeds/plants to share or sell, please bring them. Let us know if you would like a table!

Information and volunteer opportunities to help design and implement permaculture methods.

Volunteer opportunities to put our skills into action with local farming alliances.

Permaculture is about creating sustainable human habitats. It is about taking the energy from the land and encouraging it to cycle back into the land, to reuse it as many times as possible before letting it go (out to the sea of entropy, where we can't use it any more) so for example, a piece of land receives sun wind and rain. if we catch those... and use them judiciously, we can make our garden grow, and feed animals who will poop and return that to the land, and pretty soon we have better soil, better food, some protection, and eventually something to build with.