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This is a Vegan Community forum for all people living a natural lifestyle in Ireland.

The purpose of this forum is to encourage personal socialising between people living a natural vegan lifestyle.

This Community page may be used to organise natural vegan events only. These could include Vegan Cookery/Raw Classes, Vegan Walks, Cinema Outings, Potluck Dinners, Animal Protection Gatherings, Picnics etc

For clarity, please put the name of the City Or County in the main title of your event, eg: Tea Meet Up in Pauls Cafe - Galway City.

Remember this is Meet Up and not Facebook or Gumtree/Buy and sell. This means, no impersonal advertisements are accepted on this site. When organising a Meet Up, one is organising to meet with people. As an event organiser, one is a host and must be there to welcome and to get to know people. Make sure the event details are specific, organised and well thought out. Let people know exactly where you will be meeting them, what you look like and what to expect. Email contact details to the people who have RSVP'd so they can find you if they get lost. Most importantly, keep it personal. This is fundamentally a social site. If you have organised a big event, make sure to welcome every person and to introduce them to others at the event.

As usual the "Golden Rule" also applies here. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Keep it personal. On Meet Up, we aim for high quality personal socialising. The meetings of course must be created by and for people living a natural Vegan lifestyle.

This site was created to help people living a natural lifestyle socialise and meet more easily. Please feel at home here and enjoy creating Meetings that you personally would like to attend.

Remember, no meet up is too small. In fact, small Meet Ups are usually the most rewarding. As the wise saying goes; Two's company and three is a crowd. A simple Meet up for Tea is a great way to start. Taking the initiative brings much reward. Keeping it simple and personal brings much success.

No Meet Up is too big, there are no limits, so stretch and expand, light up and explore and remember to invite others to join you in the experience. Enjoy the joy of meeting new people and sharing information.

Best Wishes to all people living a natural healthy lifestyle in Ireland.

May this site be of service to you,

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Mulcahy.


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