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If you have social anxiety or shyness, but you love literature and would like to join a small, no-pressure MeetUp, THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU! We will meet once a fortnight (or whenever you feel like you can make it) and just sit as a group, or perhaps in pairs or threes (whatever feels comfortable at the time), and have a casual chat about how we’re feeling and what we think about the literature. Occasionally we’ll be looking at poetry, from time-to-time short stories, but more-often-than-not we’ll be reading a slightly longer novella (or short novel). Please don’t worry, nobody will EVER be expected to read anything aloud or to say anything at all if they don’t feel like it. The setting itself will always be very casual and the group will be held in a quiet, cosy room at the back of a larger community centre in the evenings, when nobody else is around. You’re more than welcome to come and just listen to me or other people speaking, if you feel more comfortable that way. Whatever stage you’re at with reading or with anxiety or shyness, I assure you this is a safe and non-threatening environment. Whenever you’re ready, it would be great to have you here!

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From Fear To Freedom - How to End self sabotage by Sam Power(Online Talk)

we tend to be impatient, and lost in the past or in the future instead of being present During This Panic time . We also tend to resist or react to things by denying, commenting, or judging them rather than being receptive and trying to understand them. This reaction creates more stress. Tickets online £5-Click the Link to book your tickets- https://bit.ly/3dU72jE Once you payed for your ticket you will get this link of zoom software which you need to download it. Please join this Online talk 10 minute early to make sure everything is working. Description: Are you scared of expressing your true self, scared of going for things in life, following your joy in your heart, scared to speak the truth with your loved ones, scared to be seen, scared to be with yourself as well and face the inner demons. Sam will give you some tools and techniques, some ideas of the path to move towards Freedom. You will be free to express yourself, free to follow your heart and your joy to live the life you desire, which brings you real happiness. You will be free to express your truth to your loved ones, and feel completely free within yourself. You will learn to be free from your mind's imprisonment and ultimately carry Freedom with you, wherever you go. To help you live your ultimate healthy state. Tickets online £5-Click the Link to book your tickets- https://bit.ly/3dU72jE Look Forward to Meet you guys soon. Best Sam Power

SEX! - An Online Creative Writing Workshop (BYOB).

Online event


***IMPORTANT***: If you'd prefer to sign up and prepay at our website, you can do so here: www.writeandpint.com/workshops. ***YOU DO NOT NEED ZOOM VIDEO CONFERENCING APP TO JOIN THIS MEETING***. We will send you an invite 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. ***PLEASE DON'T USE YOUR PHONE. PLEASE BE ON YOUR LAPTOP, INSTEAD, AND ENABLE VIDEO AND AUDIO***. ........... Hi everyone, Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are not hosting any of our usual physical workshops. So this is part of a series of special online workshops to help inspire you through the difficult time of "lockdown". For this session, we want you to treat yourself to a drink or two! A beer, a glass of wine, a soft drink - whatever you'd like to bring to the session. The theme of the workshop is going to be Sex. We will guide you through a series of fun, exciting writing exercises, and will introduce you to some existing bits of literature about sex. We'll get you thinking, drinking, writing, chatting, and connecting in a profound way with your own creative work, so that you leave the session completely rejuvenated and full of ideas. ***ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE OF WRITING IS NECESSARY*** ***THIS GROUP IS OPEN TO PEOPLE OF ALL LEVELS AND THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY PRESSURE TO READ YOUR WORK IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE*** If you want to feel good about yourself, this event is for you. If you want to make forays into a new, serious piece of writing, this event is for you. If you just want to surprise yourself doing something fun and spontaneous, this event is for you! We've been teaching workshops for 4+ years now and can't wait to pass on what we've learned, to help you at this difficult time. *Please note: Our usual workshops are £12. For this one we're asking for only £8. This is because 1) we are not convening in the usual physical space of the workshop, and are not providing snacks, etc., as we usually would, and 2) we're aware that, at this time, money is in slightly shorter supply, with people receiving 80% of their usual paycheck. If you are somebody who is very seriously affected financially by the Coronavirus and would still like to partake somehow, please contact us separately, using our Contact page: https://www.writeandpint.com/contact. Let us know your situation, and we'll see if we can help :)

Get Professional Feedback for your ***Creative Writing***

Online event

Hi there! Are you writing anything at the moment? Why not get some professional feedback to help you improve your work. So far, we’ve helped people with essays, short stories, poems, novels, scripts, and non-fiction books. Our editor (Sean) has more than 5 years of experience as a copywriter, editor, proofreader, and a creative writing workshop host. Whether you’re looking for professional guidance, editing, proof-reading, or general feedback, we’re sure we can help you. Get detailed notes on everything from tone of voice to dialogue, from structure and form to narrative perspective, from vocabulary to grammar, through to general content. Reply here, or text[masked], to let us know about your project. We'll assess the workload and get back to you with a quote in no time. As the great Stephen King once said: “Write with the door closed. Then re-write with the door open”. Improve instantly with your door open to incisive, quality feedback from a professional editor, and start getting your work up to scratch today. www.writeandpint.com *Note: if you text us asking for a quote, there is no obligation to accept our services if you’re not satisfied with the quote you receive.

The Power of Purpose - Living A Life You Love (Online Webinar)

PLS READ EVERYTHING!!! IMPORTANT: In addition to register here you will also need to register via Zoom before, see link! ----------------------------------------"------------------------------------ Dear friends! Most of the time, the crises we face are personal - playing out in the realm of our love, work, family and social lives. Then there are times when we face crises that are national or global in scope: affecting no one person, but all peoples. Times when the world around us seems suddenly unstable, and our species is united in anxiety. During such times, maintaining a sense of calm can seem harder than ever. Yet simultaneously, the task has never been so vital. In testing times, each of us should give ourselves the time and space to practice strategies for serenity - and to make use of these strategies soothe and reassure those we love. In that spirit, we will get together and talk about - “Finding and living your purpose”, - “Self-Compassion”, - “How to deal with loneliness”, - “How to overcome fears, blocks and concerns”, - “Fear of death”, - “Making sense of difficult times”, and any other topic coming up. Virtual/Online Event/You need to register here as well: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcpd-6gpz4tHdM600UipTKHRRf5HNDyWkZY See you there! Gemma About Dieter's philosophy - watch this short video: https://youtu.be/CIMtxF6JqI8

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