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As of March 2017 I relocated to Devon in what can only be described as a slice of heaven. Re-connecting with mother nature is what truly grants Shamanic powers.

I am so thrilled to say that my journey is continuing. The power of the earth is so strong here and true Shamanism can only be practised in nature. We are now situated in a place of exquisite natural beauty which provides us with the clarity to continue to practise all that we learn.

We now have accommodation attached to our house that will easily cater for anyone who is willing to come down and see us and continue forward on the path of learning and practise. We are so happy to share this opportunity and hope soon to create group meets to not only practise Shamanism but also to explore the wonders of Devon. Glastonbury is close by as well as other spiritual places of great significance.

My intention has always been to create a group of like minded individuals who have a genuine interest in Shamanism where we can share, learn and experience what Shamanism is all about. I will be organising retreats this summer where I hope you will all have the opportunity to attend.

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