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There are many ways to discover who We Truly Are but one of them is known to us all the most. When we finally feel the call, we take a path to discover the ocean of many karmic ties, we work with our inner child to empower playfulness within, to find forgiveness and peace to the childhood wounds, we work on our relations to find beauty in connection, we cleanse and clear what does not serve us anymore, we retrieve parts of our soul that were taken away or at times freely given, we open to the energy and Spirit That Is In All Living Things to help us tap into the knowledge of our own energy and the flow of pure Life Force within, we grow with feelings to reach Sacred Space of our Hearts to finally touch the True Divinity of our beings.

We freely do all these things gliding with the wind of change, deep within we know that there is much more to be felt and discovered. We have faith and trust in believing and we know that this path is not always easy and many tears will be shed on the way, but every drop of that tears are the Sacred Waters Of Your Soul telling you gently that you are on the right path TO YOUR SACRED HEART INNER DIVINITY.

THE WAYS OF THE HEART THAT GUIDE Is a place for all those who would like to develop uncluttered, true power of feelings and open heart to replace rigid and limited ways of the calculating mind, false beliefs and programming from the tribal collective as well as the mental loops. Through deep work with your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body that leads to reveal hidden truth of the burden of your past, through empowerment of your inner light and raising the vibrational rate of your energy you will be able to find ways to connect with your Inner Divinity and discover the way of your sacred heart to have a life with true feelings and guidance.

We offer private and group session that includes Inner child work, Karmic clearing, Grace integrity, family relations, empowerment journeys, shadow work, physical and conscious chakras work, unwinding and cleansing, space clearing, meditations, full moon and new moon ceremonies, retreats, teachings of the ancients and high vibrational fields of the Divine.

With our true dedication to this work, we will help you to reach the gate of your sacred heart where the energy of all creation and the force of willing merge to become ONE to bring you a new beginning and balance to your life journey.



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