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The Ways Of The Heart That Guide is a place for all those who would like to develop uncluttered, the true power of inner wisdom, inner feelings, and inner guidance. The place for those in need of energy healing, energy adjustment, clearing, cleansing, and empowerment. Through deep work with the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body that leads to revealing the hidden truth of the past and the present moment, hidden fears, mental loops, and blockages, through EMPOWERMENT OF YOUR INNER LIGHT, you will be able to find the way to connect with your True Self and discover the guiding ways of your SACRED HEART.

You will discover how to be yourself in your own skin and shine through it with the light of your own Soul to share your gifts and creativity with this very world.

In the FIELD OF UNITY, THE WAYS OF THE HEART THAT GUIDE offers many varieties and modalities of energy work that address every aspect of our lives. From meditations for beginners, supplements and herbal guidance, massage, sound healings, to very profound empowering inner journeys, energy adjustments, clearing and healing sessions, gatherings and retreats, initiations and ceremonies. The ways of the Heart know no borders and the sky will never be a limit to our work, therefore some of the modalities take place in nature and sacred places of Arizona, some of the work takes place in a different plane than the one you are familiar with. Grace integrity, Inner child healing, family relations healing, opening and balancing chakras, clearing the pathways of the meridians, opening and balancing the feminine and masculine energies within, shadow work, karmic clearing, trauma work, healing the wounds of the past, readjusting to the energies of the present moment are just small part of our work.

When we finally feel the call, we take a path to discover the ocean of many karmic ties, we work with our inner child to empower playfulness within, to find forgiveness and peace to the childhood wounds, we work on our relations to find beauty in connection, we cleanse and clear what does not serve us anymore, we retrieve parts of our soul that were taken away or at times freely given, we open to the energy and Spirit That Is In All Living Things to help us tap into the knowledge of our own energy and the flow of pure Life Force within, we grow with feelings to reach Sacred Space of our Hearts to finally touch the True Divinity of our beings. We freely do all these things gliding with the wind of change, deep within we know that there is much more to be felt and discovered. We have faith and trust in believing and we know that this path is not always easy and many tears will be shed on the way, but every drop of that tears are the Sacred Waters Of Your Soul telling you gently that you are on the right path




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