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Cheeseboro Canyon and Ridge, a Gentler Hike

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We haven't hiked in Cheeseboro Canyon in Agoura yet, so that will be our destination this week.

Statistics: 4.7 miles with about 650' of climbing. The whole route will be on fire roads.

Pace: This is a gentler hike. We will go at a more moderate pace than a regular Trailblazer hike, and we'll take more breaks. The purpose is to give novice and intermediate hikers who may feel they're not up to a regular hike a chance to get out and experience our beautiful trails. Faster hikers are welcome to join us so long as they are willing to hike at the slower pace of the group. However, this hike is probably too difficult for someone who is new to hiking, or hasn't been hiking in a long time. We typically finish about 12:30 pm, but could be delayed for any number of reasons. If you are looking for a fast-paced hike, or have to finish by a specific time, this hike is probably not for you.


Take the 101 Freeway to the Chesebro exit in Agoura. Head north and make a right on Chesebro Road. Follow the narrow road one-mile and turn right at the park entrance. Continue up the paved road 1/4 mile to the top parking lot.


Lunch: We usually, although not always, go somewhere for lunch after the hike. This is completely optional and is considered to be in addition to this event, not part of it.