What we're about

Hello everyone!

This group can do anything that we choose as long as it is outdoors. We predominantly do hiking. Since we have multiple leaders, each will focus on areas of personal interest. Activities will range from beginner level to moderate.

Hikes will be 2-6 miles in length with various terrains. Some hikes may be as long as 8 miles.

Beginner hikes really are beginner hikes. We take our time and ensure that you have a good experience and are not "left behind" or put into a "forced march" pace.

When dogs are allowed to participate in various activities, we'll make it known.

For all activities, please wear appropriate gear and only participate if you are confident that you can maintain the stride of the group. If a lunch or snack should be carried, we'll let you know.

Before we can approve your membership, we request that you post an actual first name as part of your profile with a photo of your face on your profile page. This is for the safety and security of the hike leaders and other members.

Cost: We request donations to help in paying the costs of Meetup which amount to $180 per year. This is only requested if you attend for one of our events. We charge $3.00 per year ($3.79 if you pay via the Meetup payment method or $3.00 via PayPal to cmlepone@gmail.com). Feel free to browse our outings without paying and only chip in when you feel ready.

Suggestions of places to go are always welcome.

Disclaimer: **All members participate at their own risk** By joining this group, you acknowledge and assume full responsibility for your well-being during any scheduled events.

We'll see you 'out there'.

Past events (136)

Deserted Village Watchung Reservation Historic Buildings Beginner Hike

Trailside Nature & Science Center

Minnewaska Amazing Views, Panorama Viewpoints & Waterfall Moderate Hike

Lower parking lot at park entrance, off Route 44/55.

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