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The Widow's or Widower's Tour: Journeying Forward
If you are reading this you've been here..people who have not seen you and knew you as a couple approach you, touch you on the shoulder (It's always the shoulder) and ask, 'How are you?' and you get the shoulder touch, and at the end, they'd inevitably say, 'It's good to see that you're fine.' And you think, 'Really?'"
We know it's different from the outside. The outside see our situation as our spouse died. We know it's so much more. We are becoming or have become new people. We are or have started over. And our friends who knew us from before didn't see that aspect the same way we saw it.
None of us expected to find ourselves in this strange situation, having to reinvent ourselves when we least expected it. But as long as we're doing it, here's to doing it in style, and here's to doing it in good company.
Join the tour and let's have some good times as we journey forward.

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