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Ecopsychology is the branch of psychology that views mental health in relation not only to self and other people, but recognizes and explores the impacts of the world around us. It is one of the crossroads between the modern, dominant modality of academic study and ancient, pan-cultural ways of viewing our place in the universe.

Our mission has three parts:

1. Create an open community with the intention of allowing authentic interaction between members in a safe environment. We will help facilitate this process.

2. Restore deep connections through guided, multiple day nature immersion experiences that anyone can enjoy regardless of previous outdoor experience (health permitting). We provide all of the trip and activity gear and guidance necessary, outside of personal gear*.

3. We help you find ways to incorporate the presence and "wholeness" from these nature based experiences into your everyday life through continued interaction.

Rooted in Local Community:

We aim to ground every aspect of our brand identity in sustainable, mindful local community services and grow from there. We work in conjunction with our sister companies marketed towards niche market out of town tourists, which allows us provide all necessary gear at a fraction of the cost that these similar experiences would cost. It also helps to drive tourism and promote the image of Portland as an Ecotopia of sorts (among other things, of course).

This approach allows us to promote these concepts in an affordable way responsive to the community while remaining economically soluble.

We look forward to your engagement and encourage any questions or concerns.


Eric Inman

*Personal gear includes trip clothes and sleeping bags. We can help you get such items for cheap or free if you would like. We are even open to hosting meet-ups at local outdoor outfitter sales if there is demand warrants.

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