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What we’re about

Meet local pagans, wiccans, witches, esotericists, magickal practitioners and others on a positive spiritual path. Join the Wilmington Pagan Meetup Group to network, make friends, share lore, and exchange knowledge. If you only join to promote a product that is not metaphysical in nature, please look for another group that might be a better fit for your area of interest.

**Please do NOT use this site to promote any products/businesses/events without prior approval from the Moderator/Site Owner.**

If you know of any venues in the Wilmington area with sufficient space and seating to accommodate a meetup of approximately 15-20 people that would lend itself to group discussion, please share it with us. Until then, feel free to open up a dialog about a favorite topic, tell a little about yourself and what your beliefs are, what you're looking for in this group, etc.

Our meetups are free unless otherwise noted, however, donations in any amount are gratefully accepted to help defray the cost of our online presence. It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however, other groups with similar interests that use the same image as this group are not affiliated with us -- there can be only one. :-)

Please check the calendar frequently for new events as it is updated on a regular basis!

Blessed be! Jae

Meetup Photo: John William Waterhouse "The Crystal Ball"

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