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This is a group for anyone interested in Witchcraft and/or magic.

We follow the Wheel of the Year, discussing each solar holiday as it comes up. In between, we discuss the structure of magic; cover an overview of various divination systems, spells and celebrations, definitions of common terms, the “Gaia Hypothesis”, stages of life, deities, amulets and alphabets, Pagan and Wiccan ethics. We do hands-on arts and crafts projects to encourage our own ‘Younger-Self' while discussing spiritual subjects. We are lighthearted and encourage everyone to contribute, since we do not adhere to the concept of any One True Right and Only Way. We encourage each person to find and move along their own authentic path.

Witchcraft is used by some to mean spell-craft, and others to mean a form of religion based on pre-Christian European traditions, particularly those of England. Paganism is a broader term that includes all nature-based religions, including Druidry and Heathenism.

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Choosing Your Tarot Spread

Avalon Visions

The Celtic Cross and One Card are tried and true, but sometimes another spread gets better results. Bring your favorites and obscure spreads, especially any you have invented. There will be a handout.

Endings and Beginnings: Samhain, Death, and Beyond

Avalon Visions

The veil between the worlds is thin. This is when we honor our beloved dead. Bring photos, memories, and your heart.

Runes: What they are and how they work

Avalon Visions

Bring your runes if you have them.

The Magic of Gratitude: Abundance and Prosperity, Charity and Right Livelihood

Thanksgiving is America's answer to Harvest Home. While the mythology may be problematic, the foundation of Gratitude is a sound one.

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Choosing Your Tarot Deck

Avalon Visions

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