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Investing in Real Estate
Join us for our monthly networking meeting, deal swaps and educational event on Real Estate and Energy Investments. With the recovery in the economy, real estate price's are going up. Our area is seeing special boom due to the Exxon Mobile move here. As investors from outside are moving in our area and snatching properties it's important that we as a community get involved. Association goal is to help educate our friends and neighbors, our firefighters, our teachers, our small business owners, our retirees and everyone else in the community how to invest in our community and build wealth at the same time. As a resident of our community, we want to make sure that what makes our community so attractive stays that way. We live, play and work here. Outside investors are not vested in our community and they can change the quality of life we all love. Our goal is to educate and grow together with our community. Learn how to invest as little as $5,000 - $10,000 secured by real estate. Learn how you can use your IRAs to buy and flip real estate, Oil & Gas Wells, and other unconventional investments. Newbies and Wannabees - Meet experienced investors, listen to their deals, learn from them and invest in yourself. Free membership. Experienced Investors - If you are an investor who works ethically and you believe in helping people you are welcome to join us. No cut throat investors, please. We believe in collaboration, not competition. Bring your deal to pitch to other investors to borrow money, to form partnerships or just lend to other investors for their deals. Active, passive and in between investors welcome. Free membership. Newbies to experienced investors will benefit from networking and getting to know our fellow investors in our community. Wholesalers - If you are wholesaler you are required to get approved before you will be allowed to present your deals to the club members. To get approved please send us your last 3 deals that you have closed. Paid membership. Service Providers - If you are a service provider who has ethical business practice and is looking for good people to work for. Everyone gets a chance to talk about their business and what they can offer to our members. Paid membership. Please send us your business details and what you can offer to our members. Please RSVP so we know the head count. See you all there.

Woodlands Eco Realty

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Who - This is a group for petroleum industry professionals who want to learn how to invest in Real Estate passively. This is a professional and social network. As lots of energy professionals invest in real estate or want to invest in real estate but can not talk about it with in their wok environment we decided to bring them together in social setting so they can socialize, network, learn and invest together. As The Woodlands is becoming a second energy corridor and we have lots of new professionals moving in the area we would like to connect new and existing Woodlanders working in E n P industry. Learn about Turn Key Investments. Income producing rental properties without the headache of tenants and toilets. You can have your cake and eat it too. Grow your networth, learn about 1031 exchange, self directed IRAs and other ways of funding your investment.

What -Learn about Real Estate investing, find out about the best places to live, work, upcoming jobs, investment opportunities and everything else you will need in your town. The Woodlands has lots to offer. Some of us has been here for years and some of us are just arriving. Together we will share network and make friends to build our career ,our homes and our portfolios.

Why - All of us Petroleum industry professionals know our industry the best. When it comes to investing like every one else we invest in stock market. To diversify we invest in markets and industries we don't know much about. We depend on other people's expertise to invest our money at the right place in the right company. Like every one else I dabbled in the Stock market and like everyone else my stocks went up and down and lost money and made money. Then I invested in Real Estate and realized that unlike stock market, Real Estate investment is always secured by a hard asset and not just paper. Even during worst Real Estate market most real estate investor only lost 10%, 20% to 35% (California) fo their portfolio while in stock market crash people lost 50% to 80%! Real Estate Investing is a different ball game. Lots more secure, lots more fun and lots more growth. Learn how you can invest in Real Estate Passively or Actively and diverse your portfolio to have more secure future.

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