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Friday Inquiry Power Hour: The Work for Everyone
We're meeting the Second Friday this month--since I'll be at Breitenbush teaching a workshop on the First Friday! Join me at the usual time or 7:45 am PT for 90 minutes, on Dec. 14th! The Work is such a powerful can dial-in and share with others the practice of self-inquiry, on any stressful belief. If you feel courageous, consider raising your hand to do The Work (press *2 on your keypad). I'll guide everyone to fill out a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet on one specific troubling situation in your life. Here are the questions I'll be asking: 1) Why are you troubled, in this situation? I am ________ (name feeling) with _______ (name of person) because ____________. 2) How do you want that person to change? I want _____ (name of person) to ________. 3) What advice would you give to that person? He/she should ________. He/she shouldn't _________. Notice what you would advise them to do in that situation? 4) What is it that you need, in order to be happy, in that situation? I need _____ (name of person) to do, say, think, feel ______. Be specific. 5) Describe that person. Make a list. Usually this is one-word descriptive words. Don't edit yourself. You are saying what they are in that specific situation, the one you don't like. She/he is ________ . 6) What is it you never, ever want to experience again? I don't ever want ____ (name of person) to _____. I don't ever want _______. Write honestly, without editing, without trying to hold back or be non-judgmental. If you'd like to be in the hot seat, you'll read this worksheet and we'll do The Work on one of the concepts you've identified. Everyone will dial-in at the same time (see instructions below). You can volunteer to "go" and be in the hot seat, or just listen. Everyone will get the chance to inquire internally by following along. It is very helpful to receive $10 donation to pay for meetup fees, but if you don't have it, it is not required. Send it via paypal to [masked]. To make a payment (you manually fill in the amount) then, Click to Pay using Secure Paypal ( Event Title: First Friday Monthly Meetup Online with Grace Date & Time: Friday, October 5th at 7:45 AM Pacific To attend this event, click here 15 minutes before the event time: If you don't have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (425)[masked], and using the following conference pin:[masked]# "See" you online (audio only). Can't wait! Much love, Grace

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What we're about

The Work is a simple but very profound method of inquiry that only works if you answer the four questions.

We'll start from the beginning!

You'll be able to move through any stressful situation to identify why it is difficult, identify all your stressful thoughts about it, and then go through the process called The Work from start to finish.

No one has to share work out loud. Difficult situations can involve anything troubling where you notice stress and judgment arise: a person, a place, an item (like money), or an entity or substance (like food or your body). Anything stressful can be brought to inquiry, anything you object to or resist in your life, past, present or future.

Beginners and experienced in The Work are all welcome. All you need to bring to the meetup is an open mind and pen and paper (or your journal) if you've got one! Everyone is welcome who sincerely wants to question their thinking, even if you don't know how. The results? Keep practicing The Work and you may discover freedom from anxiety, depression, anger, fear and confusion. What could be better than this!

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