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A group where creative writers can gather to further cultivate their craft of fictional and non fictional writing. All are welcome from beginners to those with great experience.

Meet-ups will cover different topics and be in held in different formats. Where attendees will further learn or share on how to engage, project and evoke desired emotions or interests with their readers.

The idea for the group has come from not just improving and learning writing skills, but also to engage with other writers and enjoy the practice of creative writing. Writing can be challenging and feel hard work at times, but it is the writers initiative to push her or himself forward for what ever targets their have in mind.

Meet-ups will be held in or around London - and will mainly be on the Southbank or somewhere in central London. I also have plans for doing some over skype, so you can join from home.

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Writing Style (Three Key Elements) - Workshop and Discussion

One of the key aspects of fiction writing is developing and using an adept style of writing. There are many elements that go towards this, but for this meet-up we will concentrate on three of these. Although the best way to build your own style is to write fiction. This session will delve into elements that go towards writing and we will concentrate on the fabric (so to speak) of writing style. PLEASE NOTE: This will be an interactive session sitting around a table. So you will discuss and engage with other members of the meeting. AGENDA: 1. Show, don't tell. (Detail). 2. Evocation. (Evoking emotions). 3. Profluence. (Profluence). 1. SHOW, DON' TELL: One of the most commonly discussed aspects of writing style. We will discuss this briefly and then try some examples. The meetup will start with a short exercise - starting with a basic 'telly' sentence and then developing it to see how it can be improved. Each person will be given a different sentence and then see how they can develop it. E.G. - 'John walks down the street to his grandmother's house.' Nothing wrong with the above sentence, but it is not engaging with the reader. Instead, try writing: - 'Every step feels like walking through mud, as an impending feeling of doom saturates John’s mind and the realisation that soon he will be at his grandmother’s house.' 2. EVOCATION: Evoking emotions. This is a sure fire way to engage with your audience. There are many ways to do this and (perhaps worryingly at times) newspapers or online sites often do this with great effect even though they are not writing fiction. Creating an impulsive or engaging feeling that draws in the reader. This can be subtle or have a great effect. We will discuss examples and ways of how to do this. Such as examples from books or even taking notes from some news headlines (I will have some ready for the meetup). Ways to do this could be show injustice, love, vengeance... etc.. 3. PROFLUENCE: Moving your story forward and keeping the reader engaged. There are numerous ways to do this and some of these will be discussed. For example plot points, creating anticipation, revealing a mystery, etc... Are all ways and methods to keep your reader interested. ------------- Other Details: 1. Although not 100% necessary - it would be a very good idea to bring along a notepad and pen/pencil. 2. This will be a short session of 1 hour and 30 mins. 3. Please remember to bring a photo ID and scan it at the guest registration tablets at the front desk when you. If your photo ID does not successfully scan, please check in at the tablet as a guest of "Meetup Event". 4. Any questions please ask. 5. As the topic of writing style is huge it will concentrate on three aspects and will cover as much as possible in the short time available in this session. 6. Location: WeWork 12 Hammersmith Grove 12 Hammersmith Grove London W6 7AP April 18,[masked] PM to 7:00 PM

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