What we're about

A group where creative writers can gather to further cultivate their craft of fictional and non fictional writing. All are welcome from beginners to those with great experience.

Meet-ups will cover different topics and be in held in different formats. Where attendees will further learn or share on how to engage, project and evoke desired emotions or interests with their readers.

The idea for the group has come from not just improving and learning writing skills, but also to engage with other writers and enjoy the practice of creative writing. Writing can be challenging and feel hard work at times, but it is the writers initiative to push her or himself forward for what ever targets their have in mind.

Meet-ups will be held in or around London - and will mainly be on the Southbank or somewhere in central London. I also have plans for doing some over skype, so you can join from home.

Upcoming events (1)

Open Readings (In Person) - In partnership with the Barbican Library

Barbican Centre

Hi all,

This is open reading will be held at the Barbican in London. I will provide exact meeting location to attendees and how to get there near the time of the event.


Join us in a friendly atmosphere for a chance to read out your written work - from your short stories to part of your novel, or any fictional/non-fictional work you would like to share. Each reading will be followed by constructive feedback and thoughts from fellow attendees.

  • This session is an excellent opportunity to gauge feedback on your work and learn where you can improve.
  • Each reading will have a time limit of up to 10 minutes max in length. (There will be a subtle alarm sound at the end of 10 mins to help keep the session moving forward in good time).
  • Please note there isn't any option to share you writing on a screen for others to read - as there is with the online meetings.
  • For the attendees who wish to read their work, please just attend and volunteer at the time. We will try and accommodate as many readings as possible.

If you wish, please also feel free to just come along to listen and provide constructive feedback.


Agenda: (10:30 am to 12:30 pm)

  1. Session start: 10.30 am.
  2. Short Introduction and summary of proceedings.
  3. The first writer to give their reading.
  4. Further readings.
  5. Close and thanks.


This session is being held in partnership with the Barbican who also share the event on their Eventbrite page.