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Will the Internet of Things facilitate mind control and be weaponized ?
There are claims that the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 and the follow-up Montauk Project in America involved research into all manner of exotic topics including teleportation and remote viewing . The CIA has admitted that in its MKULTRA research programme experiments were conducted into using drugs and other mind control techniques, and in Oct 1995 then President Clinton offered a sincere apology to citizens who were subjected to the experiments, but these admissions are suspected of being a 'limited hang out' PR exercise that sought to deflect attention from other even more controversial areas of research being carried out. We'll have a look at how this might all connect with modern attempts to revive Tesla's work on wireless transmission of energy ... and the suggestion that this technology may be how the much vaunted Internet of Things might be transmitted, with concerns about the consequent psychoactive, brainwave entrainment and mind control implications ... and how that could be weaponized.

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