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The Yogi Tree - Spirituality, healing and wellness
The Yogi Tree - Spirituality, healing and wellness
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Every 1st Friday of the month

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Energy Exchange: Suggested Donation $10-$15

The Red Tent will meet monthly near the New Moon. No DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED IN THE TENT.

The Red Tent is a collective of women who are coming together to share the journey of womanhood. It is a by donation event that we each take ownership of. Ownership here means to cook soup, make tea, welcome women, bring cloth, get the word out, offer up a place. It also means that if you find what is here valuable that you support it in ways that you can so that it is sustainable. In this way the financial responsibility to keep our tent alive will be shared by the collective.

Within the Red Tent we care for one another and are cared for ourselves with healing, song, meditation, story telling, council, quiet rest, herbs and sharing together. We care for ourselves in learning more about our bodies, our blood cycles, our ways of dealing with overcoming stress and learning to be more gentle with ourselves.

It is a gift to ourselves so that we remember our greatest strengths and also are kind to where we have limitations. By attending or giving yourself this time, which in the beginning is the hardest thing of all, we then make a time and place in our life to check in with ourselves and each other so that we can reenergize for the rest of the month. We will also make connections and friendships that will deepen our sense of community. When things get tough, women can brainstorm together in the Red Tent. We will undoubtedly be stronger together.

It is a social event where our intention is to bring in organically both the quiet spaces and the spontaneous moments where anything can happen such as storytelling, poetry, dancing and something as simple as laying a head in your mother’s lap while she strokes it.

The circle is a time for women to share what is in their hearts. As we pass the talking stick from woman to woman we listen deeply to what she has to say whatever it is. It is important to know that our circle time can go very deep and also inspire us to new highs as we laugh, sing, share and revel in one another’s company. And that circle is not therapy. It is a brief check in where you can be heard openly, with confidentiality, non-judgment and love. No one is expected to speak.

Women of all ages come. Women who are in menopause time of life are needed here to make our circles whole. Women who no longer have wombs are welcome. Young women are welcome if they have begun their moon cycles.

Women of all beliefs are welcome. This means we honor and respect the right of individuals to choose their own paths and follow what is right for them while honoring the diversity present. Our collective journey of being a woman and honoring those journies is our common ground. No one particular spiritual belief is assumed but rather we assume many beliefs will be present. We do however honor our many choices that we make including our diverse politics and our right to choose life or not. Each woman needs the capacity to not put what she thinks is right onto another person but rather have our focus be on the commonground that we do share in wanting women to be seen and respected in all our many complex lives and choices. The invitation to share our multitude of perspectives is welcomed when it is shared with respect for self and all.

Anyone is welcome at any time in the Red Tent to sit in the chair and tell a story of their womanhood journey. Sometimes the stories are sad and sometimes they make us all laugh. You can read a poem or share something in that moment. It is always available for you. I look forward to the day when we gather around our elders and young ones as they share with us their wisdom in a way that makes room for their unique ages.