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The Yongsan Legacy Project (YSL) is an interdisciplinary and inter-generational initiative to collect, preserve and disseminate the history of the Yongsan US Army Garrison (located near Itaewon). The Yongsan Garrison was originally developed by the Japanese Colonial Government and then further developed by the US military and is currently in the process of being relocated to a base at Pyeongtaek. We are seeking interested individuals of all walks of life, expertise and age, political leanings and nationalities. Most of our core group have little or no military experience and are architects, teachers, anthropologists, writers, and historians, as well as former soldiers. We are seeking volunteers for a variety of purposes: 1. to share your own experiences of living or working on the base for any period of time, past or present (your experience may seem mundane to you but it is none the less of historical significance and you may contribute anonymously if that is a concern); 2. to help encourage others to share their stories or to meet with those with oral histories to share to record their experiences through life history interviews; 3. to attend bi-monthly meetings where presenters share stories about their experiences at Yongsan Garrison over the years and where we discuss ways to improve the project; 4. to assist in our efforts to collect archive and disseminate the history of the Yongsan Garrison in any other way you can such as by helping with transcribing interviews, fund raising, helping us to become a registered NGO, improve the website or any manner of ways we have not even thought of yet.

YSL does not have a political stance on the Yongsan Garrison apart from valuing the preservation of history (both good and bad) for posterity. We believe future generations, who will otherwise grow up unaware of the base's profound impact on Seoul and South Korea as a whole, will one day appreciate being able to learn about the many lives touched by the base and how the base's culture and impacts on the surrounding communities changed over time, whether they do so through our website, through publications that result from the historical data we collect, or from museum installations that result from these efforts. If you are intrigued by these potentialities please join us or at least reach out to learn more and see if you would find it enjoyable and beneficial to contribute to or participate in the project.

Visit http://yongsanlegacy.org/ for more information or contact us.

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