What we're about

We seek to make this group the best, most active, and fun Meetup Group for young adults under 40 in and around the Naples area. Exception: If you are over 40, and you are hella fun, your're welcome too -We'll need your wisdom and expertise to navigate through these upcoming adventures. haha

The TRIBE is about having fun and mayyyy consist of:
-Biking Outings
-Hiking Outings
-Great Gatsby Parties (required 150 tribe member strong*)
-Paintball Outings (required 100 member tribe strong*)
-Boating Outings
-Happy Hour Outings
-Camping outings
-Gladiator outings (like the ones with the big sticks and bags at the end of them)
-Meditation & yoga outings
-Sports outings
-Beach & BBQ Outtings
-Bonfire outtings - possibly on beaches or at the Gatsby house

-Pub Crawls on Pub Crawls. (required 100 member tribe strong*)
-Archeryy outings
-Kayaking Outtings
-Yaht outing - if any of our members have a yaht to share to the tribe. haha
-3 day cruise outings (at 300 tribe strong*)
-Everglades expeditions
-Random City Outings -if round airplane tickets go randomly to $30 and someone catches it. lol

Once we accumulate 30 members tribe strong, we will begin our social outings. Group was founded 1/18/2018


1. Come to have fun
2. Existing members MUST introduce themselves to the new members, let them feel welcomed, aka go out of the way to meet the new member at some point in the event.
3. New members are highly welcome. If it is the first time attending event, introduce yourself in post on the event, and say your attending. (This makes you commit-haha)
4. At any event, if it is a busy location, we will always "shoot a flare" or have a sign, to let you know where we are at, so it is obvious to someone new where we are at, so you don't feel "shy" joining and allows for easy entry to tribe.
5. It is unacceptable to feel like a stranger in the tribe. Perioddd.
6. New members must post on the group wall introducing yourself. No strangers.
7. Read rule #1.


Some fun activities will be sponsored by The Coldest Water, a brand we started. This will allow for more fun activities to be possible and to also capture some special moments like the cover of this group - its real - taken on Key Wayden, here in Naples! ~Anyways...-similar to how RedBull does it and share it to our The Coldest Water's Instagram & FB feeds - you get the idea. I will also connect with other local businesses and see if they are willing to sponsor our fun-shinangans, so they can get their name connected with our fun lifestyle.

Some events require larger minimum tribe as it may require a bigger # of people, or if the cost to joining is high, like a cruise, the dropout rate may be higher. That being said, they mayyyy happen.

Past events (1)

Adventure 1 - Hiking & BBQ Outing at Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key Recreation Area

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