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CEU Workshops - Clinical and Private Practice Business Development
#1 Practical Interventions for In The Moment - 9:30am-11:30am This will be a two hour session, focused on in the moment interventions that can be done with clients who are triggered or overloaded at different times during the session. These are based on somatic and sensory skills including breath work, EFT (tapping), visualizations, two handed writing and more. This will be highly experiential, and I hope you can enjoy a few hours of learning and techniques for your clients and relaxation for you, while you fill your license requirements! The cost is $125 and 2 hours of CEU's are included. #2 Money Matters in Private Practice 12-1pm This group will explore the financial issues of private practice including fee setting, sliding scale, insurance or private pay, investing and measuring return on investment, fee increases, budget review and examples/resources will be given out. The cost is $95 and CEU's are included. #3 Clinical Issues in the Business of Private Practice 1:15-2:15pm All the work therapists do is clinical… This webinar will explore how Clinicians can Address Business Issues in a Clinical Way and be sure to provide ethical care and make ethical business decisions that are clinically informed. These issues start as early as when you are determining what type of practice you want. If you know WHY you are doing what you are doing, you can act more purposefully and more clearly towards your goals. Working reactively can cause more anxiety than working purposefully through business issues in Private Practice. The cost is $95 and CEU's are included. #4 Critical Incident Response 2:30-3:30pm If you currently work with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's) or wish to do so, we are at times called upon to help a company deal with a crisis. I have found it most helpful to address these personal issues in a non judgmental, compassionate, professional and trauma informed way. These can be the death of an employee, a robbery at a bank, a reduction in force or a serious health issue of a colleague. As a CEAP (Certified Employee Assistance Professional), I am offering this training so you can respond to and attend Critical Incidents with a Trauma Informed approach. Attending to critical incidents is a great way to supplement your client session income, while helping even more people find their new sense of normalcy after tragedy. The cost is $95 and CEU's are included. Let's talk before joining - email me at [masked] or call me directly at[masked]. Thanks! -Amy -- Amy L. Hooper, LCSW-C, CEAP Director and Psychotherapist, Another Look at Healing, LLC[masked] [masked]

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I believe that in the field of professional counseling, you can't have too much support, especially from others who can relate to your experiences. My idea is to have a monthly or bi-monthly group to get together as a sort of peer supervision.

I don't want to completely decide at this point what the format of the group will be like. I would rather like to have that as a point of discussion at the first meeting. I am open to having a mixture of sit-down serious supervision sessions and also more social gatherings in an effort to promote self-care and to make friends with one another, not just be each other's peers.

Who would most likely be a good fit for this group? Anyone who works as a professional counselor (has completed a masters level program)--this includes therapists who are in the process of becoming licensed. This also includes social workers, expressive therapists, psychiatrists... When I say "young" professionals, I am thinking about the age range of 25-45. I'm excited to get this going! As soon as I see some interest in the group, I will start to plan the first meeting. Can't wait to meet you soon!

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