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Tuesday Evening@Wellplayed
Price 8.-- / Free for first time visitors, Members: Location Wellplayed Dübendorf, adjacent to the Trainstation10 Minutes from Zurich HB with the Train S14Parking spaces are not available directly at the venue but on the surrounding parking lots / trainstation. (ca. 1. Chf / Hour) Average Turnout 6-10 People (Under the Week) 10-20 People (Weekends) Games being played We have an expanding Wall of Games: I'm new to boardgames but would like to give it a try, is that ok ? Of course, nomatter your previous experience with gaming, if you like to spend some quality time with englishspeaking friendly people you've come to the right place. Do i have to sign up ? It's easier to plan if you do, but you don't have to. You can also check our Forum to see who is coming and what's being played. When can i show up ? Whenever you want to within the opening times, you can freely drop in and out as you like. Food and Drinks We don't serve any Food at Wellplayed aside from tactical Snacks, Softdrinks and Coffee, but there's plenty of venues next door where you can grab a bite. Wellplayed Wellplayed is a gamingclub / store that features mostly english board and miniature games from all ranges. We focus on making our room available for actually playing games and having a good atmosphere rather than purely selling boardgames. Feel free to play anything you'd like, you're welcome to also bring your own stuff. Spieltreff

Bahnhofstrasse 57 · Dübendorf

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This group is for anyone that likes to play games or hang around while others are playing games :) In fact, game designers are also welcome. The whole idea is to get together and play games! So bring your favorite games and meet some people to share in the fun.

If you are interested in coming, don't worry about bringing games. Many people will bring some. If you'd like an idea of what kinds of games people bring, check out this website ( It has a data bank of all kinds of board games so you can see if something there might interest you and maybe can request it from the group (keep in mind many on the top 100 are no longer in print)

Players range from casual gamers who come mostly just to have a good time and interact with others to more serious board game hobbyists.

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