ZH3 Hash #1223-1225: SWISS NASH HASH 2019

Location image of event venue


Welcome to Swiss Nash hash 2019.

What’s happening?

We are gathering our wittiest wits in a safe location, far away from the
oppressive mountains of Swiss Nash Hashes of years past to explore the
truth which has up until now been hiding in the shadow of the alps!
This year we will, aided and abetted by copious amounts of tin foil hat filtered beer, be welcoming the sun in the Swiss Flat Lands of Aargau and let our minds roam freely.

Signup Information for this event is NOT on meetup, but on https://www.harrier.eu.org/snh2019/

For a measly CHF 185 you get an entire weekend of beer, lack of sleep, trails, poor life choices and some of the finest cuisine Switzerland has to offer!

Preliminarily finalized schedule:

Friday 30 August:
16:30 Rego starts
19:00 Early Dinner
20:30 Shortish trail, to cover our tracks and ensure no one was followed
21:30 Breaking the ice circle
22:55 Saturday Pre-Lube party

Saturday 31 August:
09:00-10:30 Breakfast
10:45 Chalk Talk → Long trail for all ages including lunch stop
17:00 Crop Circle
19:00 Cuddle up with your nearest and dearest or drink a few more
20:30 Home made, WnR approved, non FDA involved knock out dinner
22:00 SNH 2019 Paranoia Party!!
Post Dinner SNH Party, dance, drink, dance (or stay still), fall over!
Party theme: Embrace your inner paranoia, all conspiracy theories are fair game, this is a no
judgement, open minded and most definitely no CCTV zone. Big Brother ain’t welcome

Sunday 01 September:
09:00 Breakfast, regret life, count the bruises, don’t look at yourself in the mirror
10:26 Deadline for rooms to be cleared!
10:30 Hangover trail, slow, very slow, and likely shigtastic
12:00 Hangover Circle
15:00 Bidding of farewells, confrontation with society, time to bugger off