ZH3 Hash #1179: Hooter x Langstrasse

Every week on Thursday

Gemeinschaftsraum Wogeno

Hohlstrasse 86C Ground Floor · Zürich

How to find us

Look for English speakers wearing running gear.

Location image of event venue


A to A trail around Langstrasse. Hare is D.E. Floured, venue is bag drop which is hare's hutch's basement which is adjacent to on-in which is Za'atar.

Same procedure as last year?
By popular demand, I'll leave a smidgeon of white power around the Langstrasse, allowing walkers to stroll to hooters for wings, and runners to run around until tired then head back to A for circle (indoors, in the dry and the warm?) with food either eaten at Za'atar or -- because only 14 seats -- taken back to hutch for consumption.

Food: www.zaatar.ch/menu-2/

Meet at 6.45pm to start at 7.00pm. There will be a charge of CHF5.00 for participating.

First time? Here's what you need to know:

• The aim of the hash is to find the beer stop at the end and have fun.
• "True" trail is typically 6-7km.
• The pace within the group varies from dead-slow movers (we call them DFLs) to over-achieving fast runners (we call them FRBs)
• The "hare" cleverly lays the trail so that everyone reaches the end at the same time.
• If you are a slow runner, you will clock around 7kms.
• If you are a quick runner you will clock around 10kms.
• If you are a walker you will stroll to hooters and eat wings.
• There is a place to deposit your bag and a place to change.
• There is a charge of CHF5 for participating (and includes beer and snacks).
• If you like fun, drinking and doing something a bit different you will probably enjoy hashing. Humourless people need not apply.

For more about Zürich Hash House Harriers, check out www.zh3.ch ( http://www.zh3.ch/ )

Want to know more about the origins of hashing? follow this link ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers )