ZH3 Hash # 1295: AGM 2020

The Zürich Hash House Harriers (ZH3)
The Zürich Hash House Harriers (ZH3)
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This is our yearly election where you all get to vote for the half-minds who will be your next Mismanagement committee, responsible to ensure the longevity, survival and general functioning of the Zurich Hash House Harriers.

Nominate hashers

You can nominate yourself or an unwitting friend, by filling in the[masked] Mismanagement Nomination form: https://forms.gle/yX1HTx7XudkZEXrx8

Current Accepted Nominations (The person nominated was of present mind and accepted the responsibility of the nomination)

#### Grand Master ####
- Ice Footsie

#### Religious Advisor ####
- Grab my Sack

#### Beer Raiser ####
- Just Beggin for It
- Late Cummer

#### Hash Cash ####
- Big Top

#### Hare Raiser ####
- Gladiator Pussy

#### Web Slave ####
- Premature Cock Sucker
- Canada Wet

#### Haberdasher ####
- Stick a Dick in It
- One Night Wonder

We will ALSO be celebrating our accomplishments, misdeeds and consumptions of the year past. Nominate your favourite HASH OF THE YEAR, and HARDSHIP HASH OF THE YEAR by following this link https://forms.gle/yuyhzH9sLMJ9Wr7V9

A few important details to note:

1) If you want to vote you need to turn up (there is no postal vote).

2) Nominations must be made, and accepted, before 9pm Monday 28 September.

3) You may only run for one position.

4) To vote, you must have hashed before.

What does the mismanagement do?

You turn up every Thursday and shit happens. Great, isn’t it? Well, we hate to burst your alcohol-infused beer bubble but shit doesn’t just take care of itself. Here is the committee:

GM - the grand master or mistress of the mismanagement, ensuring that people are suitably hassled to fulfil drunken promises, organising mismanagement meetings and drinking practice. Never drinks alone.

RA - has the weekly responsibility of making sure we have a circle and the burden of providing weather.

Beer Raiser - makes sure that the holy beer arrives at each hash.

Hash Cash - takes the money every week and is responsible for making sure we have enough left in our coffers for special events.

Hare Raiser - cajoles hashers into laying trail, updates the hareline and ensures hares are suitably rewarded with carrots.

Web Slave - updates www.zh3.ch and keeps up to date on our emails.

Haberdashers (x2) - organise and sell our ZH3 hash gear.

We meet roughly 6 times per year.

Process on the night:

Voting will take place BEFORE the hash (while we still have some judgement) and results will be announced in circle.
When you arrive you will be issued with a pack of voting slips on which will be the position and the name of the contenders (there will not be a vote for non-contested positions).
There will be a container for each contending position - you choose the slip for the person you are voting for and put it in the appropriate container.
The person with the most slips of paper gets the position.
If there is a tie, there will be a run-off vote between those two candidates.

Meet at 6.45pm to start at 7.00pm. There will be a charge of CHF5.00 for participating.

For more about Zürich Hash House Harriers, check out www.zh3.ch ( http://www.zh3.ch/ )

Want to know more about the origins of hashing? follow this link ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers )