What we're about

The art of the social man is a place for men who want to take their social skills to the next level, for the ones who have had enough of average and ready to move forward.

Your social intelligence will improve. You will have more confidence. You will learn proven methods of creating social impact and developing a presence.

More importantly, you will be able to learn from each other and find positive support within the group to take risks, be bold and ask the scary questions.

Weekly sub-themes and teachings will be determined by the topics explored and the subjects that resonate with the group!

Both John and Joe have had extensive experience training for global social skills training companies. Together they've helped thousands of men to step into their true selves whilst providing the practical skills and correct mindset to navigate social interactions successfully.

The sessions are fully Immersive often taking the form of discussion as naturally questions arise and are addressed during the time.

Between them, they have gathered a strong arsenal of practical tips that can be put into practice instantly to:

1. Raise your self-esteem
2. Relax in conversation
3. Build a strong social circle
4. Become more charismatic
5. Accelerate your dating life
6, Tease and be playful
7, Create memorable impressions
8, Lead conversations and keep them going
9, Develop a natural state of presence
10, Improve your storytelling

This meetup is the product of two lives dedicated to unlocking fundamental principles that create magnetic personal traits.

Our aim is to teach you what we have learnt, listen to your challenges and grow together as a group.

John’s story

Surviving cancer was the battle of Johns life! Making it through the other side was a triumph but one that left him extremely self-conscious about his appearance, shy and drastically lacking in confidence he Felt inferior in social environments for years.

John’s story is one of grit and determination to reach a place of true expression.

Thousands of hours of dedicated study later John broke free of judgment, began travelling the world and started his own freelance graphic design business.

Noticing that during meetings his counterparts would have all the knowledge under the sun but fail to grab his attention through lack of social skills he set out on a mission to teach fellow freelancers how to navigate social dynamics.

He now teaches exactly that and is in high demand!

Joe’s story

When the pain of social anxiety finally got too much, Joe decided to address the issue once and for all. After hours of dedicated study and practice, he found a way out. Since then Joe’s spent the last two years working for some of the top social skills training companies in London; Your Charisma Coach, Hayley Quinn, Sasha daygame, The Happy World Company and Trigger Conversations. Learning from all of these mentors he developed his own teaching style and now runs his own business. www.joepatch.com.

Shattering his fear of public speaking by entering professional speaking competitions which led to speaking at seminars on charisma, and hosting his own popular weekly events, Joe is proof that a life free of shyness is there if you want it and “There is always a way!”

Join us and stay conscious

John and Joe

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