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It’s time to take a new look at the cloud with these two talks that are sure to interest all in the WeWork community and beyond!

We present two fascinating sessions where tech thought-leaders zoom out to show how to achieve big performance wins while also ensuring a greener cloud which benefits us all.
We spend much of our lives in the cloud: the collection of hosted applications and infrastructure that power our mobile, online lives. And yet much of our time there is still spent twiddling our thumbs, waiting. Why? How are obvious performance gains being missed by some of the smartest dev brains on the planet? And how can efficiency be tied to environmental responsibility? We reveal some simple, but powerful, answers.
This evening is by no means for techies only; the talks will appeal to all levels of technical expertise and are geared towards the real-world business implications of the cloud in 2019.
Please stay for a glass of wine and some nibbles afterwards!
1/ Nick Mailer: Performance pitfalls and possibilities: optimising cloud for the real world
Big, faster, wider: everyone’s chasing performance in the cloud; but too often, we can end up chasing our own tails.
Sometimes DevOps culture gets lost in the weeds, where it cannot see the wood for the trees when it comes to performance gains.
This talk shows how we can zoom out, and find big performance wins before we start sweating the small stuff. Sometimes, a solution to performance requires technical ingenuity.
At other times, just a simple pull in business focus. Nick distils two decades of performance-wrangling into a 20 minute tour of best practice, telling examples and take-home points that will save aeons of cumulative wasted time, energy and resources in the cloud!
2/ Josh Stopper: A greener cloud is good for everyone
Cloud has huge potential to move us towards a sustainable future through dematerialising products and streamlining industries.
Despite its many benefits though, it is not perfect. The storage, processing and transmission of data consumes electricity and that has an impact on the environment.
The good news is that there are simple things that we can do about it, and contrary to what some may think, a green website can actually be a better website for everyone. Approaching web projects through the lens of sustainability can have benefits not just for the environment, but also in terms of improved SEO, accessibility, user experience and even cost savings.
We will look at some practical steps to green the web and the benefits that they bring.
About the speakers
Nick Mailer is founder and Global CTO at Positive.
Positive founder and Global CTO, Nick Mailer, is an industry veteran. He has spent over two decades innovating the technologies that now form the basis of global e-commerce and cloud computing.
In the 1990’s, Mailer co-authored the first Internet–in–education book to be published in the UK and ran a number of early tech conferences introducing the power of the Internet to educators and contributed to the Times Education Supplement.
As well as his business leadership, Mailer is an accomplished software engineer, who believes that it is vitally important for senior technical leaders to continue at the coalface.
Mailer continues to publish academic works about technology and philosophy - the area in which he trained. A much in-demand speaker, he speaks at conferences around the world.
Josh Stopper is Lead Developer at Wholegrain Digital.
All the way from Melbourne, Australia, Josh is Wholegrain’s Lead WordPress Developer.
Beginning programming in the days of “table based layouts” and the “marquee” tag, Josh eventually found his calling in WordPress development and hasn’t looked back.
Aside from programming, Josh spends his time playing tennis, snowboarding, horse riding, and exploring the world with his wife Neisha.