What we're about

The purpose of this group is to gather and connect all the people offering ideas and solutions based on high moral values and virtues (health, respect all lives, environment friendly, mutual-aid, love, etc.) in every area of our society. I would like to spread these ideas/solutions and give them greater visibility so that they can be better known and used by as many people as possible.
For instance:
1. Health: Do you have ideas, do you offer or know solutions/products improving overall health and utilizing non-toxic substances (beauty products, herbal medicine, body products, etc.)
2. Environment: Do you have ideas, do you offer or know environmental friendly solutions/technologies respecting nature and all beings on this planet (clean technologies, renewable, clean-up technologies, zero-point energy, etc.).
3. Education: Do you have ideas, offer or know alternative teaching techniques allowing kids to develop their logic as well as their creativity (life school, school of thought, etc.)
4. Food: Do you have ideas, offer or know healthier products/foods to be consumed (permaculture food, food with no pesticide, non GMOs, etc.).
5. Spirituality: Is spirituality part of your everyday life or are you an energy worker (holistic practitioner, healer, speaker, etc.)

THEN, we all have one thing in common: A strong desire to be part of the change and help to build a better society and future. Together, let us be the links of this new society and let us make this group our connection.

I will create and organize free events to connect with each other and share what we know/use for a better living and see how can this group evolve to make a bigger change.

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First gathering and connection

Waves coffee Shelbourne

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