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How to be more athletically active without keeping score.

I'm looking for answers, or perceptions, as to why most men leave their athletic experiences behind and become spectators. There are millions of men, and women, who grew up being active in sports, but after they left high school, or college, stopped doing any sport related activities. I'm wondering why?

My experience with most sports are they're fun because they push you physically and mentally to see what you can accomplish and part of that rating of accomplishment is a score, but not the only criteria of accomplishment. There's also the team camaraderie aspect.

Can you be a team with a stranger? Is it the score that makes something a sport? Or is it just the activity? Is it athletic to practice yoga or Tai Chi or dance? Do you only become an athlete when there's a score involved? Is rock climbing a sport when you travel a path that someone else has already taken?

I'm looking to see what deters men from participating and what drives activity. From that, I hope men will comment about the reasons they are inactive or reticent to participate and others will comment about why they participate.

There's always something to be learned.

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