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We will read a short story from the book Something You Forgot Along the Way by a Buddhist author. The story we will discuss is #2, Stones that Longed to be Diamonds You don't need to have the book, since the pages will be shared on the monitor via Skype. Anyone is welcome to join. Participants can just listen without talking. We also study the English language and explain the meaning of the words. So if English is your second language and you want to practice it you are welcome to join this talk. If you are planning on attending this meeting, please add me on Skype, or message me here. Thank you. The Skype contact name: live:lolit_choa or frank.costelloe

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Is there a purpose in life? What are we living for? Have you ever thought about these questions? More importantly, can you find an answer? The answer to the meaning of life is without doubt the greatest mystery. People cannot find clear cut answers. "Life is suffering" said one famous person. Yet why must we live in spite of suffering? Without knowing the purpose of life, we are essentially living to die.

People believe that life has deep value and meaning, yet we don't clearly know why or what that is.

At our meetings, you will learn about the great purpose to life as it is taught by one of the greatest masters spiritual history, Sakyamuni (India 2600 years ago). Buddhism was taught to be shared. Sharing is the spirit of Buddhism.

Do I need to be Buddhist to join the meetings? No, you do not. People from every religious or non-religious background are welcome.

Do I need to have previous knowledge of Buddhism to join? No. We have newcomers joining all the time. We will introduce you gradually, step by step, to the teachings.

What is the purpose of your meetings? To share the teachings of Buddhism is the only reason these meetings are held. There are no obligations or commitments.

What can I hope to gain from attending meetings? You will learn about the Buddhist teachings first and foremost. Twenty-six hundred years ago Sakyamuni Buddha taught Buddhism to lead people to true and lasting happiness.

Is there a charge for these meetings? No.

I have some specific questions. Can I talk to someone one on one? Yes. You can reach us through Skype at filipino.pureland.buddhism

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