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Journaling and Playtime. Leggo!
The Reparenting Project Playgroup is a time to reset and get in touch with your inner child. We will be starting off each "playdate" by journaling on a Reparenting topic such as: "giving your joy away to others", "the ways we avoid our feelings", "presence in personal caretaking"..etc, then we will share out for 3 minutes with our partners and goal set for the following weeks. Afterward, we will play together! Anything from old classics like manhunt or hide-and-go-seek to board games like Cards Against Humanity. Each playgroup brings a different vibe and intention, but safety in exploring our silliest, most vulnerable selves is the consistent rule. Please bring a journal, a pencil or pen, and comfortable clothes, as well as a water bottle.

Loblolly woods nature park

3315 NW 15th Ave · Gainesville, FL

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Hi all! I moved to Gainesville this summer and I finally feel settled within the community and ready to start this playgroup up! Think of this meet up as an adult playgroup that is all about taking care of our inner children!

Reparenting is an introspective needs-based approach where you take full responsibility for your own well-being by being your own loving caretaker. This meet-up is for adults that are ready to move towards a more authentic, eccentric lifestyle.

If you find yourself journeying towards health and radical self-love, healing the inner child, and caring less about getting validation from others, then this group is for you.

TRP is for anyone who is ready to stop avoiding pain by escaping from their feelings through perfectionism, social media, information, traditional media, exercise, work, relationships (friendships and romantic), and/or any chemical substances.

I am interested in building a community of humans who are ready to protest the toxic culture we live in that denies individualism for a cookie cutter norm, by having ridiculous amounts of fun together and cheering each other on through our personal journeys towards radical self-care.

The Reparenting Project Meeting Format:

**We will first be journaling on a reparenting question, writing our gratitude lists and our focus for the following week and do 3-minute shareouts in partners, for those who want to share. This is not a venting session focused on the negative, but a time to gather inspiration from another.

*** We will then be playing board games, outdoor games like hide-and-go-seek, tag, manhunt, and scavenger hunts, playing video games, charades, singing karaoke, performing sketches, and/or dressing up. Letting the inner child out to play!

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