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What we’re about

 Our meet-up group welcomes all sincere truth seekers. We focus on spiritual development through meditation, spiritual discussion, and developing a spiritual discipline. We study the Keith Milton Rhinehart Sacred Teachings®. If you are willing to be patient and take time to develop, these teachings can help you use keys to unlock the door to your greater spiritual self.
We have other private meetings available for the advanced truth-seeker. Please call Julie at 702-320-1123.
In our meetings, we will explore various types of meditation, the art of visualization, and the purpose of sound and chanting.
All levels of spiritual growth and practice welcome. When we communicate authentically with each other, we grow in spiritual stature. Come and be part of the solution to serving others ceaselessly and being united with the whole of humanity.

We will have a short discussion and then move right into getting in touch with our higher selves. We focus on spiritual awakening and activating your spiritual destiny. We have guided meditations that help you to expand your consciousness and activate the dormant codes within you:

• Advance your spiritual development

• Connect with your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters

• Awaken your Higher Self and connect with Divine Intelligence

• Stimulate an awakening to Higher Information and Wisdom

• Communicate with your cellular memory

• Align with your Higher Purpose

• Transmute Negative Karma and negative patterns

Although you are not required to donate, donations are accepted. We feel that a suggested donation of $20.00 is good energy for energy exchange for these classes.

We make no claim, guarantee or promise about any meditation practice, Spiritual practice, or accuracy of any Spiritual messages or the results of any Spiritual ceremony. No information contained in our classes is a denial of good and competent medical, financial, and other professional help. Each student is urged to seek competent professional advice for these or other matters.

Right to admission reserved. Program subject to change without notice.

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