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Black Butte Snowshoe -- Advanced/Intermediate Level

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Climb Black Butte on Sunday. This is a serious back-country snowshoe climb. The trailhead access road is closed so we will park on the east side of the butte at 3800ft near the junction of road 11 and 1110. We'll walk along rd 1110 about a quarter mile and then start our climb to the top. That means about 2600 feet of climbing with no trail, topping out at about 6400ft. The top 500 feet is often icy and is very steep so some basic steep snow climbing skills may be required. Also, traction devices would be helpful if conditions are icy. This can be a pretty tough hike - depending on conditions - so you need to be fit. This is NOT for beginners. Snowshoes and Ski poles required. Meet at Starbucks. Cascade Village. 9am. Sunday March 9th. I will cancel this climb by 7am Sunday morning if the forecast calls for greater than 40% chance of rain in Sisters between 10:00am and 2:00pm Sunday.

No Plus 1’s. To participate in this Meetup activity, you must be a member of The Bend Hiking Group and be RSVP’d “Yes” for this specific activity. All participants should be “self-sufficient” with their own food, hydration, equipment, and first aid supplies necessary for this activity. Participants should monitor this site for cancellations or changes.

Approx hiking and travel times:

9:00 Starbucks
10:10 start hike
1:00 reach summit

1:30 start descent
3:15 arrive at cars 4:00 arrive at Starbucks

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