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Meet new people, Collaborate, & Work towards your goals/aspirations - in community!

We're a community of budding and emerging entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and startups etc.; and we're taking the isolation out of the startup life.

Let's get real for a second...

You probably filled out your LinkedIn profile with Atlanta as your city. But in actuality, you probably live 20-45 minutes away from Atlanta. Maybe you're that young adult (18-34; idk) figuring out that next step.

Coming soon, The Beyond Spot will provide you with workspaces designed and centered around creativity, inspiration, and community. But more than a space, we are all about the people; particularly young adults.


We will be hosting meetups in and around the Norcross area; including some places in and around Atlanta. So whether you’re a college student trying to find your way or an established professional, a person with big dreams or just you - we’ll be here for you!

So if you're exploring the realm of being an entrepreneur or looking to connect and collaborate with people or looking to be in a community with like-minded individuals as you independently work towards your goals and dreams, look no farther.

Creating experiences and navigating the startup life together! Don't go at it alone.

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