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This meetup is for the small businesses owner and entrepreneur that is looking to make more money. The problem with wanting to make more money aka grow your business it takes you to learn more before you can earn more. The Accountable Entrepreneur is held accountable for the dreams and goals. This meet up was created to provide a safe haven to network but most importantly the place to discuss business your business needs, struggles, and growing. Why should you build your business alone? How could you build your business alone? It's not possible, that's why I created the Accountable Entrepreneur (originally the Struggling Startups).

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The Black Professionals of Prince George’s County Virtual Networking Event

Description and Purpose:

Who's this Meetup for?

The Black Professionals of Prince Georges County is for Black Professionals that's looking for more community and that want to embrace the culture.

If you're a Black Professional and you reside in Prince George's County, Maryland the 3rd Wealthiest County with the highest population of blacks this meetup is for you. The meetup was created to bridge the gap between our Black Professionals and Entrepreneurs and the Black community.

This group was created by Folasade the Accountability Accountant to help bring Successful Black Professionals and Entrepreneurs back into the community to network, partner, build relationships, and much more.

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