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Many of you might have experienced the bone freezing winters of Hyderabad! Draped in comfy woolen clothing, sitting in front of computer and sipping on a hot cup of coffee Ah! What else could be better to do on a cold winter evening? Wait a sec! What about the scarcely dressed old lady at Jubilee hills check post begging for alms? How would she be surviving the cold? What about that orphaned kid who wipes your car's wind shield at the traffic signal to fill his stomach? Or the poor old man shivering by the pavement? What privileges do they enjoy to keep themselves warm, when earning even one meal a day is an endless struggle? Take a few seconds of your time to think about such people struggling to survive the cold and you will realize our country has such underprivileged population more than the entire population of Vatican City. What can I do now? Donate some of my unwanted clothes? Yes, but what fraction of the populace would that serve? May be I can ask my friends to do the same. Ok, a little better. What if everyone can contribute?? Bingo!!! Problem solved. Rather than following the trend of using our clothes from party wear to 'pocha', let's tweak their lifecycle a bit and donate our unwanted clothes lying down somewhere in the bottom most rack of our cupboards for a greater good. How? We'll help you do so! THE BLU BASKET!!!!! Our NGO is born to provide clothing for the underprivileged - the homeless, orphanages and old age homes. We have set up Blu Baskets at certain checkpoints in the city where you can drop your unwanted clothes. Our volunteers will collect them from there and distribute among the homeless, the orphanages and old age homes. Also we collect bulk donations, which can be arranged for pick up through a phone call or SMS. We are always on the lookout for dynamic volunteers who want to make the society better. So hop in ! Join us and make a million lives better. We Know You Care and We Promise To Share!

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