What we're about

There is HOPE! Amazingly we live in an economy that gives everyone a chance of living a better quality life, a healthier life and a wealthier life.

If you are interested in starting an online business but not sure where to start or you are a business owner or entrepreneur already and you need more leads and more sales then come along and join us in the London Borough of Ealing because this is THE Meetup event you have been waiting for.

This is a group for anyone interested in starting or growing a Successful Online Business.

From Consultants to Authors, Coaches, Experts and Speakers this Meetup is for London based professional and aspiring authors, speakers, coaches, writers, bloggers, publishers, journalists consultants and trainers who want to learn the right way to start & grow an online business in 2019 to meet, mastermind and collaborate with other professionals in the expert industry.

Learn how to:

• Create an online product once and sell it for years to come

• Build a successful coaching program and the right way to do it

• Sell without selling

• Research your competition online

• Automate, Systemise, Deliver & Profit

• Become an expert copywriter

• Use the client attraction technique

• Set goals that become reality

• Create and market professional books and training programs

• Use the latest technologies to reach your target market

• Attract media coverage and become a celebrity and the Go-To Expert in your niche

• Set up joint ventures and collaborations

• Improve your speaking and closing from the stage

• Create an elevator pitch

• Become more confident

• And more…

My name is Richard and I am a Business & Marketing consultant and strategic adviser. I help people and businesses grow for a living, I meet with business owners, roll up my sleeves, spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and expertise growing them long term.

I used consulting as a way to get out of debt while trying to build a software business which almost had me bankrupt.

I will introduce you to new marketing concepts such as:

• Sales Funnels

• Landing Pages

• Email Marketing Campaigns

• Lead Generation ninja tips using YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram

• Traffic Generation tips using paid ads with Facebook, Instagram, Adwords and Bing

I started this group because I couldn’t find anything locally so come for the networking and fun, and help us build up a powerful community to support your business and help you better help and find your clients. Network to find out what's working in the online marketing world. Talk about what is working and what's not. Explore what is happening in the social media world and stay ahead of the knowledge curve. Make connections, make friends, find new business, find a potential business partner, get a specific question answered, LEARN!

Our mission is to make massive, ethical change in the world and as a community of stars, we really can do that!

I am looking for a good charity that we can support along the way as well and share the love.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


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