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We'd like to welcome and invite any new members to our monthly Group Meetings, which are a great opportunity to socialize and meet other photographers.

During our monthly Group Meetings we will go over points of business for the first 15 minutes, have a brief presentation by a local photographer, followed by our photo critique sessions and end our time with some Q&A.

If you are unsure if you can make it to this event, please RSVP No. If you RSVP Yes, be sure to follow through with your reservation and arrive at the designated time and location. Please annotate any changes to your attendance as soon as possible through the event page.

Monthly Group Meetups are available to all CPMG members.

Here are the rules of our critique sessions:

-Be professional at all times
-Paid CPMG members will be allowed unlimited critiques
-Unpaid members will be allowed one critique session
-Upload 3 photos to the August Group Meetup album
-Ask that no watermarks or identifiers be added
-Photos must be completely yours - original thought, ideas and independent execution
-Choose photos that you would like to be critiqued, this is not an opportunity to showcase your work and there will be a time for presenting in other group sessions

Some suggestions for critique uploads:

-Works in progress
-Evocative or thought provoking photos
-Images you want viewed with a critical eye

And here are some of the criteria that we will use to critique your photos:

1. Effort: Full use of facilities or, improved with more work? Extra effort to capture best possible image?
2. Color: Sound choice to use or not use color? Does the color add to or detract from the image?
3. Composition: Centered? Squeezed? Negative Space? Cluttered? Rule of thirds?
4. Direction of attention: See first? Is it the right thing? Hunt for the subject? Drawn to background? Searching?
5. Focus: What's in focus? Best DoF? Subject contained in DoF? Distracting elements in background, rid of w/DoF?
6. Exposure: Details in highlights and shadows? Bias towards light high key or low key?

If you'd like to socialize and network with other photographers, feel free to show 30 minutes early.


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