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This year we will be adding a little twist to each month's shoot-off. It may be a special rule, or an extended deadline, or something else. We'll announce the twist along with the topic the morning of the shoot-off.

About the Shoot-off:

At 10 a.m. a subject will be announced to the CPI Supporters who have RSVP'ed to this event via email and the event page. Supporters will have the deadline listed above to shoot, edit and upload up to 3 images from the assignment to a gallery hosted on our site. Any images submitted past the deadline will not be judged. When uploading images, please upload full resolution full sized images (we have had gallery shows with the winners before and having full sized prints makes the printing process easier).

Remember, this is a Shoot Off, not a submit off. All entries must be between 10am the day of the Shoot-off and the deadline.

A judge will be selected then choose the top three entries. Winners will be announced when the next shoot off begins.

This event will not require anyone to be present anywhere and entries can be submitted remotely. The contest topic will not be Charlottesville centric, so feel free to RSVP if you are planning on being out of town.

If you are having any trouble submitting, please contact Chris ( prior to the deadline. There will be no extension on the contest deadline and all rules listed must be adhered to.

This event is open to all CPI Supporters (paid members).


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