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The fascinating thing about experiencing paranormal phenomena is where it leads you - to the realization that what we perceive in life is a very small part of the larger picture, and that what it takes to be happy is only rarely found in material reality. This Meetup group is an outgrowth of the Seacoast Paranormal Research Group. There, the focus is on networking, socializing, and trying things on your own. Here is the next step for those truly interested in the possibilities of a Spiritual and other hidden realms, and it's about education, participation, and community.


Anomalous reality

Wellness and sustainability

These are the ideas we like to engage, and our only requirement is an open mind. Won't you join us?

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Consciousness Studies is a group dedicated to developing a community of like-minded persons, and is wholly funded by, and its meeting space provided by, Kitt Research Initiative, LLC (KRI). KRI is gracious enough to provide space for a great number of our meetings on a strictly donation-based level. Let's not let them down.

Opinions expressed by members, moderators, and organizers of Consciousness Studies are wholly their own, and do not necessarily represent the opinions held by KRI.

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Granite Sky Saucer Society

What’s Behind Your Door, LLC

Join in for an evening of intellectual and open-minded discussion about all things Ufology and Extraterrestrial. Discussion will vary every meeting from sightings to abductions, from types of craft to species of ET, and more. A perfect time to share your own experiences and theories or ask questions. The group provides an unique mix of those vested in Ufology to those who just have an interest in the subject. If you've ever wondered "Are we Alone?", you don't want to miss this gathering. Hosted by Mike Stevens Cost - by donation

Empath Support Gathering

Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library

Are you an Empath? Or do you think you might be an Empath but you’re not sure? Being an Empath is another layer to our naturally-born intuitive abilities, but it can be one of the most difficult to navigate through. That is why it is so important to have a group of people you can go to with questions, struggles, and triumphs. What is an Empath? Themindunleashed.org begins to define it as “when you are affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Your life is unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods. Being an Empath is much more than being highly sensitive and it’s not just limited to emotions.” And that’s just the start. When: 1st Tuesday of each month Where: Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library 151 Main St. Epping * We will meet in the Community Room which is the large room to the left of the entrance on the lower level. The library will be open during the time of our meeting, so there will be staff on hand to direct you to the room if needed. There is no cost to attend ***************************** This monthly support group will be led by Valerie Lofaso, who learned the term Empath more than 15 years ago, and found that everything fell into place and explained the struggles she had dealt with her whole life. She has since spent the last ten years learning about her own intuitive abilities and how being an Empath affects them and her everyday life. She now wants to share what she’s learned in a safe environment where other Empaths can come and share their experiences as well. Even if you are unsure of whether or not you are an Empath, this group will help you determine if that is what you are experiencing.

UFO Book Study Group

What's Behind Your Door, LLC

Join hosts Donna Witham and Dean Merchant for the UFO book study group: It is not necessary for you to have read the book to attend this meeting, but certainly helps. The book choice will be updated in advance to give attendees a chance to read the material. Books will change when the group feels they have discussed it thoroughly. If you're curious, come learn more about the book! Stay on the lookout for this months book choice announcement. This month’s book will be “Silver Screen Saucers” by Robbie Graham. Robbie will also be joining us live via Skype during the meeting. Meets the 2nd Wednesday each month @ 7pm Cost by donation

People Not Proof

What's Behind Your Door, LLC

People Not Proof The People Not Proof Gathering is ideal for a range of situations regarding Extraterrestrial experiences. For those who are just coming to terms with their experiences to those who have been dealing with it for years. It is great for not only traumatic encounters, but positive experiences as well. These experiences can affect families and friends, either directly or through the actions and emotions of the experiencer. Group sharing allows for a wider variety of experiences and perspectives to be openly discussed. The People Not Proof Gathering is a safe and supportive atmosphere comprised of Experiencers to discuss, learn and heal from your encounters. Please join us, you are not alone. Hosted by Mike Stevens Cost: By donation

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