Spoonbenders Class

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The Spoonbenders Class is designed to open untapped centers of energy that have always existed within us.The class provides a concrete demonstration of how to apply energy to change things, shift concepts, and even heal ourselves. The bending of Spoons is accomplished by holding the metal with the hands and applying gentle pressure when the metal feels soft. With some patience and some practice, most people are able to achieve bending a spoon.

When people directly experience spoon bending without effort, they have concrete evidence that something has changed unexpectedly in physical reality. This evidence challenges our “normal concepts”. The clear evidence of physical form alteration that is seen with spoon bending supplies the necessary drama for recognizing, and hopefully releasing the limitations we currently hold of reality.
While some spoons will be provided everyone is encouraged to bring at least 10 spoons with you.

Presented by With Love and Gratitude, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education and service www.withloveandgratitude.com

The With Love and Gratitude Team:

A team of dedicated light workers, each with their own special gifts, acting in unison for the sole purpose of uplifting the spirit. The team works in the moment without attachment or judgment, to heal and bring peace, harmony and joy to all they encounter.
With Love and Gratitude serves to manifest the intention and desire to share love and gratitude. With Love and Gratitude is completely not for profit. Leslie Gabriele, the founder, is an "energetic catalyst" who can help people realize more of themselves. Although trained in multiple healing modalities, Leslie’s work is guided in the moment, done without attachment.

Cost is $10 per person + 1 Pair of Socks to be donated to the homeless.