What we're about

* for people who want to find podcasts

* a resource for podcasters

* A resource for musicians, youtubers, and sound engineers

* People who want to learn how to use audio and video equipment

* for people who want learn how to create podcasts

* for people who want to network on-line or in person

* for people who want to talk about art, music, photography, and anything creative

Expectations: Don't no-show to events, don't be creepy, don't complain or argue. We are a community of creatives who are here to support one-another, not to tear each other down.

We are a Cleveland, Ohio based Meetup, but due to covid and the nature of podcasting, we have temporarily gone completely online, and because of that, we see no reason to focus on being local.

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What are your favorite Podcasts? (for podcast fans)

Needs a location

This is not an actual event. There is no time or place to meet.

Please share the name and a link to your favorite podcasts in the comments section below. It doesn't have to be a local podcast. Also, tell us a little bit about it and why you like it.

This is for fans of podcasts. There is a separate page for original content creators.

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Share your Podcast here (For original content creators)

Needs a location

This is not an actual event. There is no time or place to meet.

Use the comments section below to share the name of your podcast and a little bit about what it's about so that others can enjoy your program.

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