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What we’re about

Let´s get together and talk about cloud the way we should talk about cloud, not in the old fashion way but in a more innovating and modern way. Like how to build and run applications that exploits the advantages of many modern cloud computing techniques rather than just one of them.

Let´s talk Cloud-native and how the combination of new and innovating techniques will enable things that you only could imagine.

We´ll cover techniques like DevOps, microservices, agile methodology, containers, CICD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery) and many more.

This group will focus on topics like:
• Building, scaling and managing modern applications
• The Do´s and don´ts with Cloud-native apps
• A modular approach
• Cloud automation
• Elasticity
• Multitenancy
• Statelessness
• Web-centric languages like Go, Node.js, Python and Ruby