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A meetup catered to all things blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets.

The Decentralized Exchange Network (The DEx) is a central hub for Satoshi’s vision of a peer to peer community.

The DEx is a collective with an established presence and base in New York City. The objective of The DEx is to raise awareness of blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrencies to the general public. The primary goal is to serve and provide value in this space as we very much believe in the disruptive nature of technology. The DEx will establish awareness while providing a favorable environment for the decentralized world to meet and connect.

As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology go mainstream, the ideology will be diluted and space gentrified. The DEx serves as a utility in preserving Bitcoin's grassroots.

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Bitcoin's Security and Information Security
The Decentralized Exchange Network


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Civic Hall

Blockchain Crypto Summit

Civic Hall

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