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London Taking Action
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The Overview of Tools are:

• 1, to understand the four cycles you will step through to achieve your own financial freedom, Tool = Know the journey you are on,

• 2, to identify the two barriers that will stop most, and stalls many from achieving Financial Freedom, Tool = Know how to overcome the challenges,

• 3, to become financially free 75% faster by implementing a Cash Machine catapult, Tool = Implement a system that gives you what you need to achieve your Financial Freedom,

• 4, to make things FUN by achieving Financial Freedom with a mastermind, Tool = Don't do it alone, make your Financial Freedom journey with others.

*** If you join our Online Mastermind, we will GIVE you SIXTEEN detailed Tools that will help you to Achieve Financial Freedom much faster! ***


Q, What is the Online Financial Freedom Mastermind?

A The Online Financial Freedom Mastermind is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs taking action and making their financial Freedom happen. Here is our Website:

Q, If I subscribe what do I receive?
A, You are given access to the two Online Financial Freedom meetings run each month and you are given access to our private messaging platform. You are also given SEVEN detailed Steps and SIXTEEN detailed Tools that will help you to Achieve Financial Freedom much faster! More importantly, you are given the opportunity to take advantage of the 17 powers of masterminding with individuals who are making their financial Freedom happen!

Q, Why are the powers of Masterminding important to my Financial Freedom?
A, A mastermind simulates a mentor by giving you what you need at each step of your financial freedom journey at a very affordable price!

Q, What are the Powers of Masterminding?
A, Start by making things FUN!!! • Create deep lasting connections, • Challenge each other to grow, • Allow yourself to be accountable, • Work together in brainstorming ideas, • Receive feedback on your next steps, • Receive support, • Receive focus and clarity, • Better decision making, • Increased confidence and inspiration, • Increased creativity, • Help each other to pick up money on the table, • Find new business partners, • Cross promotion, • Be encouraged to think bigger, • Receive “Just in time” skills, • Create satisfaction by helping each other, • Finnish by making things FUN!!!

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