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The Feminine Way offers a range of individual therapies as well as group workshops, shamanic drum & journeying circles and other events that promote Healing & Wellbeing for Soulful Living in Modern Times.

The Feminine Way is the journey to Wholeness, restoring our connection to the Inner Self (balancing masculine and feminine essences) and living in harmony with each other, the natural and spirit world.

Most of the group offerings are around the dates of new/ full moon or the Holy Days that mark the change of earth seasons with the intention, as we gather in circle, to tune in to the cosmic energies and ground them for the Greatest Good of All.

I also offer individual therapies including shamanic healing, reiki, chi nei tsang abdominal massage, rebozo massage and clinical hypnotherapy to help others illuminate their present, repair the threads of the past and weave a new path in to their future. My main areas of support include rebirthing & inner child, ancestral healing, karmic healing as well as removing chords and attachments in this life, so that you may fully step into your authentic power that comes from your full pr-essence. I also offer pregnant mums energetic, emotional and spiritual support for a happy transition into motherhood and to welcome the baby in the World.

For more information about my services, please visit http://www.TheFeminineWay.online .

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Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle

SW19 6BY


Dear all, I warmly invite you to an evening of shamanic healing with drum journeying where we will be tuning into the energies of Grandmother Moon to heal ancestral and karmic influences on/ around our relationships. This is an intimate gathering nurturing our hearts and releasing any wounds from the past that may be preventing full openess into the Higher Frequencies of Love and therefore there is space for up to 4-6 participants. For those who wish to attend, please message or email me directly at [masked] to book your place and for the full address. Love, Maia Healer www.TheFeminineWay.online ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ​LIBRA FULL MOON || - BLUE MOON The Libra Full Moon on Friday, April 19 at 29 degrees Libra/Aries is the second Libra Full Moon in a row, a rare and potent Blue Moon. It brings an illumination of the emotional undercurrents in our most charged relationship dynamics. This may prove to be challenging with so many intense aspects that can test our ability to cooperate and remain cool under pressure. The Full Moon is at the final, urgent degree of Libra and its ruler Venus is at 29 degrees Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, suggesting pivotal transitions, completion, surrender. Venus in Pisces can have a tendency to idealize or be in denial of realities in relationships, partnerships or money. If we yearn for an unrequited love, this could be our final chance to release our victimhood, cry our last tears and move on to a new future and new relationships worthy of our true desires. The presence of Uranus the Great Awakener, may shatter our rose-colored glasses so that we can see what's in front of us that needs resolution. It can also suggest unexpected alliances, or others who inspire our liberation. An intense Cardinal Grand Cross with the Full Moon, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes symbolize the urgent need for metamorphosis. If a struggle with power dynamics arises, we want to stay true to what's most valuable in our relationships. Is it more important to be right or to find common ground? Blue Moon blessings! By Christina Claudill

Women's Ritual Circle: Celebrating Beltane (Also open to Men)

London Scottish Golf Club


We warmly invite you to our Women's Ritual Circle celebrating the Earth Seasons based on the Celtic Wheel of Year. The intention of this circle is to come together and celebrate the natural flow of our cyclical feminine body across the seasons and awaken the Medicine we bring in divine service to this world, through the deep ancestral wisdom and sacred gifts encoded in our cells and in our blood. We are really excited to share that this particular celebration is holding the vision and intention of synergetic alignment with all our sisters across the world who are also celebrating Beltane in their communities answering the call of Elaine Kalila Doughty, founder of the Priestess Presence Temple. We will be gathering once again at the London Scottish Clubhouse inside Wimbledon Commons, although most of the ritual ceremony will be held outdoors held by the trees and the fairies! In the Celtic Wheel of the Year, Beltane is all about celebrating the Sacred Union (Hieros Gamos) of Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine. It is a a celebration of fertility and a time of potent creative energy that we can align with in order to bring our visions into reality. So the intention for our Beltane celebration is to open the gate of the Universal Heart, and receive the new codes for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to harmonise our inner self and infuse all our creations with the energy of Love. The ceremony will start with circle dancing (in a Tree of Life style) around the fire to connect with the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos. Borrowing a practice from the Inka Tradition of Peru, we will have the opportunity to take turns and step fully into our feminine essence and our masculine essence in order to experience each of them on their own as well as in relation to one another. It’s a beautiful practice that captures the energy of Beltane inviting us to refine our inner feminine & masculine as well as harmonise our relationships. The ceremony will also include shamanic journeying and drumming, intuititive sound & singing to drum the new awareness into Being; and a blessing from Rhiannon to infuse our Doing (all our creations) with Love. You are warmly invited to bring your drum or rattle (if you have one) and some flowers to adorn your head and/ or clothes in honour of the May Queen and the Green Man. We also encourage you to bring an object that represents your creative intention to place on the communal altar. It would also be great to bring some food to share afterwards and something to sit on outdoors. ABOUT THE FACILITATORS MARIA FOTIOU (MAIA) is a Healer offering a range of Mind-Body-Soul therapies. As a Sacred Feminine channel, she holds circles on / around the dates of the New/ Full Moon and the Holy Days marking the change of Earth Seasons to tune into the higher cosmic frequencies and ground them for the greatest good of all. For more information, please visit www.TheFeminineWay.online CHARLOTTE HAIGH is a Priestess of Rhiannon, Celtic Lover Goddess and a writer. She also runs women's red tents, workshops and other retreats. KSENIA BELASH is an intuitive sound healer, counsellor and workshop facilitator. She frequently holds Embodied Connection / Circling events and intuitive sound & voice circles. TO BOOK YOUR PLACE This circle is *normally* for women only, but on this occasion we are warmly extending an invitation to our brothers who are also walking the path of Sacred Union. The sacred investment is 25 pounds (20 for low income). To book your place, please message me directly or send an email at [masked]. With Love, Maia - Ksenia - Charlotte

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Women's Ritual Circle: Celebrating Equinox & Full Moon

London Scottish Golf Club


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